How do I add a website in the BlueOnyx control panel?

Follow these steps to create a website in the BlueOnyx control panel:

  1. Login to the BlueOnyx control panel using the information in your hwVPS setup email.
  2. Click on the Site Management tab.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Enter an IP address for your website. This will be one of the IPs from your setup email or that you added through an upgrade order.
  5. Enter the host name and domain name. For example, if you wish to add the website "", the host name would be "www" and the domain name would be "".
  6. Add any Web Server Aliases you require.
  7. If the website will not accept email check the box next to, "Disable Email for Domain".
  8. Add any Email Server Aliases you require.
  9. You can enter a Catch-All email address if you wish, but we highly recommend that you do not do so. Catch-All email addresses will typically result in a high volume of spam to whatever email address is entered.
  10. Enter the Maximum Allowed Disk Space (in MB) for the web site.
  11. Enter the Maximum Allowed Number of Users.
  12. In most cases, you will uncheck the box next to "Automatic DNS Configuration". Only choose this option if you are using BlueOnyx to manage your primary name server and you have configured a secondary name server. If you are using the and name servers, use the hwVPS DNSManagement Control Panel to configure your DNS.
  13. If you check the box next to, "Preview Site Configuration" you will be able to preview your site at: http://ServerName/VsiteName/. Replace "ServerName" with the ip address of the servers and "VsiteName" with the virtual website name.
  14. In the "Services and Features" section, enable the services for which you wish the website to have access. To find more information about an option, mouse over the service and a description will appear next to the "I" symbol at the bottom of the web page.
  15. Click on the Save button to save your website.

Additional Note: You can create additional MySQL users and databases at Personal Profile tab > phpMyAdmin.

To create a user for your website, see the following knowledgebase article:

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