How can I determine which folders or users are using the most disk space in my VPS?

To determine what is using up the majority of your disk space, run the following commands in a shell prompt in your VPS:

du -sh /home
du -sh /var
du -sh /log

Run this command on the /home, /var and /log directories, because these are the directories that are most commonly filled with user data and log files

The output of these commands will look something like this:

du -sh /home
3.1G    /home

meaning that 3.1 GB of data is stored in the /home directory. To determine which folders within /home are using the most space, run the following command:

du -sh /home/*

which will list the size of each folder in /home. This is useful in determining which users are consuming the most disk space in your VPS.

For more information on using the du command, run the following command in a shell prompt:

man du

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