Why isn't the latest version of PHP installed?

For stability, security, and practicality, we trail the latest version of PHP.

We are also limited by the latest version of these programs that is compatible with HSPC (for VPS-based accounts) and Plesk (shared hosting accounts).

If you require a version of PHP that is later than the version available for your account our VPS hosting accounts allow you to manually install software, such as a newer version of PHP. When adding applications to your VPS, do not install the HSPC application templates for PHP or mysql. If you have installed application templates for PHP and/or mysql you will need to remove these application templates.

Next you would need to acquire the appropriate RPMs for php (and mysql if you need it). One source is http://rpmfind.net . If you are unfamiliar with this process you may want to find someone with experience installing Red Hat/Fedora Core rpms. One other option would be to use our Site Management Services (http://www.simplywebhosting.com/websitemanagement.shtml). Send an email to support@advantagecom.net with what versions of PHP and mysql you would like us to install and we will put together a quote for you.

Note: We can only directly support programs installed through the HSPC application templates or programs that we have installed into your VPS.

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