"I can't reach my site or the server" (1)

To find your local IP address

ASP/PHP/Database Issues (11)

ASP/PHP/Database Issues

CGI and/or PERL Issues (2)

CGI and/or PERL Issues

Dedicated Servers and Colocation (1)

Dedicated Servers and Colocation

EasyApache (1)

EasyApache related kb

Email Related Issues (33)

Email Related Issues

New Setup Issues (19)

New Setup Issues

Shared Web Hosting on Cobalt Servers (4)

Level, Econ Pro, Pro, Bridge, E-Biz, and Ultra accounts.

Shared Web Hosting on cPanel Servers (2)

Shared Web Hosting on cPanel Servers

Shared Web Hosting on Plesk Servers (47)

Plesk WebPro, Universal Pipe, Broadband Content, MDH, OHP, some ECOM, and some EL accounts.

Virtuozzo and OpenVz Based Accounts (80)

All Virtuozzo or OpenVZ based accounts.

Xen hwVPS Accounts (4)

All Xen hwVPS accounts

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 Where is the Knowledgebase?

The Knowledgebase is located at http://kb.simplywebhosting.com/

 How to find your local IP address

To find your  local IP address please make use of below URL:--https://www.iplocation.net/--This...

 How to install mysqli via easyapache3

 How do I change Apache's default language?

To globally change your Apache web server language settings, you will need to make some...

 What are Advantagecom's mailing list policies?

We allow mailing lists on our servers. However, we enforce a strong anti-spam mailing list...

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