What are Advantagecom's mailing list policies?

We allow mailing lists on our servers. However, we enforce a strong anti-spam mailing list policy. Our mailing list policy is that all mailing lists must be double opt-in. This means for a person to be added to the mailing list they must first request to be on the mailing list. You then have to verify that person wishes to be on the mailing list. To verify you must send an email to that person's email address, then receive verification that the person wants to remain on that mailing list.

Additionally, you need to have an opt-out email address on the email you send so a person can stop receiving emails. You must keep your list up to date so that the people who send you email requesting to be off the list don't keep getting email from you.

For more information, please refer to our terms of service regarding spam at http://www.simplywebhosting.com/termsofservice.shtml#spam.

If you are a new or potential customer and would like recommendations regarding which hosting account will best fit your mailing list, you should email support@advantagecom.net including the following information:

  • How many emails will you need to send, and how frequently?
  • Are the emails sent all at one time or are they sent in batches at different intervals?
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